How to Use a Gas Can Spout

You’d think it would be straightforward to use a gas can spout, right? Truth be told – it can be difficult with the newer cans. Luckily, the EZ-POUR® Universal Fuel & Water Jug Spout has always offered a much simpler approach. Before we get to that, let’s go over the hardest part. Here’s how they […]

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How to Choose the Right EZ-POUR® Spout

You’ve heard about the EZ-POUR® Universal Fuel & Water Jug Spout before, but now it’s time to purchase one for your own gas can. Not sure which spout is the right fit? There are four different spout kits to choose from and each serves a different purpose. Continue on for the products EZ-POUR® has to […]

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Gas Can Spouts: Are They Universal?

Let’s say that you’re cleaning out the shed when you stumble across an old gas can with a broken spout. Memories instantly flood back of when pouring gasoline used to be easy. You jump online to find a replacement but none of these gas cans look like yours – especially not their spouts. Will any […]

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Why Gas Can Spouts Changed

Remember the good ol’ days when fueling up your lawn mower was the easiest part of mowing the lawn? It really was a simpler time before the new gas can spouts became one of the most frustrating devices known to humankind. If you’ve purchased a gas can after January 1, 2009, then you know what […]

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How to Store Your Gas Can at Home

There’s always a method to your madness, right? You’re either the type of person who keeps their tools organized on the wall or who casually throws them in the toolbox. Ultimately, it doesn’t make a difference as long as you know where everything is kept. That’s not the case when it comes to your gas […]

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