How to Install a Replacement Vent on Your Gas Can

In this guide, we’ll show you how to install an EZ-POUR® vent on your gas can when replacing or adding a new vent while using any of the patented EZ-POUR® spouts.

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Before you begin:

When creating the hole for your vent it’s best to use the EZ-POUR® half-inch reamer, but a step bit works well too.

Whatever you do, do not use a twist bit, as it will create an irregularly shaped hole.

If using a step bit, be sure to create a mark one step above one-half inch so you know when to stop drilling. Remember, we need our hole to be a half-inch in diameter, nothing more nothing less.

To Install a Replacement Vent on Your Gas Can:

  1. Drill a small pilot hole on the back side of your can
EZ Pour drilling a hole in the back of a gas can
  1. Take your bit or your reamer and expand your hole to a half-inch diameter
  2. Using a screwdriver and a mallet, hammer your vent into place
  3. Before filling your gas can be sure to shake out any debris created while drilling