Universal Fuel & Water Jug Spout

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Item Description Part # Quantity
Fuel Jug Replacement Spout & Vent Kit (box of 24) 10050
Water Jug Replacement Spout & Vent Kit (box of 24) 20050
Hi-Flo Fuel Replacement Spout & Vent Kit (box of 20) 30051
Hi-Flo Water Replacement Spout & Vent Kit (box of 20) 40051
Solid Base Cap - Black (pkg of 2) B3
Solid Base Cap - Yellow (pkg of 2) B4
Solid Base Cap - Gray (pkg of 2) B5
Solid Base Cap - Red B6
Spout Cap (pkg of 2) C1
Hi-Flo Spout Cap (pkg of 2) C2
Wedco Vent Cap (pkg of 2) C3
Flame Arrestor (pkg of 2) F2
Spout Gasket (pkg of 2) G1
Push In Vent (pkg of 2) V1
Chilton Vent Cap (pkg of 2) V2
Chilton Adapter A1
Jerry Can Adapter A2
Metal Can Adapter A3
Racing Jug Adapter A4
Vent Sealer S1
Reamer R1
POS Clip Strip (free)  
Gray Base Cap for Wedco/Briggs (free replacements) BS5


NOTE: (We use UPS for shipping all spout orders, an inner case of spouts generally ships for $10-$13, add another couple dollars for each additional case. Small part orders we ship using USPS priority mail for $7.50)