Does My Gas Can Need a Vent?

There’s a good chance that you recently bought a brand-new gas can only to find out that it’s more difficult to pour than your last one. What changed over the years? According to the Spruce, the EPA requires new gas cans, a.k.a portable fuel containers, to be made with “a single, self-venting opening for filling […]

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EZ-POUR®’s Gas Can Safety Tips

Millions of people around the world are handling flammable liquids like gasoline every single day. That means we all have a responsibility to follow safety protocols in order to prevent fires and explosions on a daily basis. This is especially true when it comes to using gas cans. Anyone can buy one, but that doesn’t […]

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5 Different Types of Fuel

There’s a good reason the EZ-POUR® spout was born – to let you smoothly pour fuel into an engine again. The portable fuel containers we once loved are no longer available, but the different types of fuel still have their own cans. This time around, we’re talking about gasoline and diesel fuel – which both […]

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