Universal Fuel & Water Jug Spout

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  • 63mm “F” Style No-Spill Adapter

    Adapter #A5. Fits NO-SPILL® jugs and all  63mm(2.5”) “F” style jugs, commonly used for herbicides, motor oil, hydraulic fluid,  etc. $5.65 Add to cart
  • Extension Kit

    Part #EXT-100. EZ-POUR® Spout not included. $6.25 Add to cart
  • HI-FLO Multi-Use Plastic Jug Spout with Reducer Tip

    Spout #60060. KIT INCLUDES: Spout and cap, Unleaded reducer, 1/2” replacement push in vent, Second base cap to fit additional cans, Filter screen $13.95 Add to cart
  • Racing Jug Adapter

    Adapter #A4. Requires separate purchase of any spout of your choice.  Use our Yellow Solid Base Cap with this adapter. EZ-POUR® Spout not included. $5.95 Add to cart