Chilton Adapter

Chilton Adapter


Adapter #A1. Our Chilton Adapter allows EZ-POUR® Spout to be used with Chilton Fuel Cans.  All EZ-POUR® Spouts fit the Chilton Adapter.
EZ-POUR® Spout not included.

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Our Chilton Adapter allows EZ-POUR® Spouts to be used on Plastic Chilton Cans with a 2-inch opening.  All EZ-POUR® Spout kits will fit the Chilton Adapter.  The Chilton Adapter works with the Yellow Solid Base Cap.

EZ-POUR® Spout not included.

CLICK HERE for a list of compatible cans that require the Chilton Adapter. These cans were also manufactured for Sears/Craftsman.

Our Chilton Adapter allows EZ-POUR Spout to be used in place of this spout on plastic Chilton cans.

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