Is It Bad for A Lawn Mower to Run Out of Gas?

is it bad for your lawn mower to run out of gas

Spring is here. The April sun melts the snow and ice, and before you know it, it’s time to prep your yard for summer. That means busting out the lawn mower to give your grass a much-needed trim.

Unfortunately, lawn mowers don’t have fuel gauges. So, it’s difficult to tell when it’s time to fill up on gasoline. You’d think that the solution to your problem is simple, right? You simply have to refill the tank, and you’re good to go. But, for some reason, your mower won’t start even after you fill it.

Don’t worry. Keep reading to learn what the problem may be and how to get your mower running like new.

Your Lawn Mower Has a Dirty Carburetor

So, your lawn mower isn’t starting after running out of gasoline. One of the first things you should check is your carburetor.

When you run through your gas tank, your mower will start sucking up the debris that’s sitting at the bottom of your fuel tank. While your mower should have a fuel filter, the sediment lying at the bottom of the tank is usually so fine that it can get through the filter.

All you have to do is clean the carburetor bowl to fix this problem. Typically, you can locate the carburetor bowl just behind your mower’s air filter.

If draining the carburetor bowl doesn’t work, you most likely have a failed carburetor that needs to be replaced for your engine to start correctly.

There Is an Airlock in Your Lawn Mower’s Fuel System

An airlock is one of the common causes why your mower won’t start after running out of fuel.

An Airlock occurs when air replaces fuel in the fuel lines. As you refill your fuel tank, you could push the air towards your mower’s carburetor, which keeps the new fuel from reaching the engine.

To fix this problem, ensure you fill your fuel tank to the very top with new fuel or try draining the carburetor bowl as described above.

You’ve Filled Your Lawn Mower with Bad Fuel

Another reason why your mower may not be starting is that you refilled it with bad fuel. If not treated with stabilizers, most fuels only have a shelf life of about three to six months. So, if you’re using gasoline from last summer, you may want to replace it.

If you believe bad fuel is the culprit, drain your fuel tank and replace it with new fuel.

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