3 Alternate Uses for EZ-POUR® Spouts

Spring is on the horizon so it’s time to get the most out of an EZ-POUR® spout. Did you know that you can use one for more than just pouring gasoline? It’s true – our spout fits nearly every fuel or water can. Here are 3 alternate uses that you can take advantage of today:

Pouring Water

Ever feel like you’re wasting water when wheeling out the garden hose to water the flowers? According to Hunker, “a standard hose shoots out some 17 gallons of water per minute.” Unless you have an entire garden to take care of, a standard water can (from 5 to 6.5 gallons in size) should get the job done. EZ-POUR® spouts are flexible enough to even help you reach around thorns and other obstacles. Seeking more of a rigid option? We have that, too. The best brands of water cans that EZ-POUR® fits include:

Pouring Diesel Fuel

Gasoline is the most common fuel used in the United States. Whether you’re filling the internal-combustion engine of a vehicle or lawnmower, it’s likely something you interact with on a weekly basis. Diesel, on the other hand, is another popular fuel that is more widely consumed by large commercial vehicles or farm and construction equipment. EZ-POUR® spouts really come in handy when the bus hits “E” in the middle of nowhere or when the tractor gives out during the middle of planting season. Make sure to have one of the following brands of diesel cans to utilize our spout:

  • Midwest

Pouring Kerosene

If you have plans to go camping, don’t forget to check that all of your kerosene lamps have enough fuel to last the entire trip. If not, this is a perfect opportunity to break out your EZ-POUR® spout. Remove the lamp’s chimney so that you can twist off the metal burner, which covers the fuel chamber. Insert the spout into the opening and slowly pour in the kerosene until you reach around 90% capacity. Put everything back together and start on the next lamp. Planning a longer trip and need to pack extra kerosene? EZ-POUR® spouts will fit the following brands of kerosene cans:

  • Chilton
  • Metal Kerosene

Fueling Spring Projects

It’s okay if you just want to use your EZ-POUR® spout for pouring gasoline this spring, too. In case you missed it, check out our previous post on Using EZ-POUR® Spouts to Make Spring Projects Simpler.

Ready to start pouring gasoline, water, diesel, or kerosene from an EZ-POUR® spout? Buy yours online at ezpourspout.com.