EZ-POUR® Spout Maintenance Tips

The harsh winter weather is finally starting to warm up, which means only one thing that really matters – gasoline-powered equipment is back! If you followed our previous instructions for storing gas cans in the winter, then you can now remove the EZ-POUR® solid base cap and reinstall your spout. You may have also just purchased an EZ-POUR® spout and are about to install it for the first time. Either way, continue reading for our spout maintenance tips.

Bend but Don’t Break

Before using an EZ-POUR® spout, test its flexibility for defects by bending it gently back and forth. The spout itself is made of HDPE plastic so it can flex. However, do not bend past 90 degrees or the product may break. Make sure to avoid bending it in the cold to avoid cracking as well. If you think you may have a broken spout, use care when pouring to avoid spills. If you can identify a crack or leak, please replace it before pouring again.

Ensure a Proper Fit

When installing an EZ-POUR® spout, it’s crucial to ensure a proper fit and seal to your portable fuel container. This prevents the gasoline inside from leaking out and potentially causing a fire. Several cans actually require an adapter, which is explained further in Which Cans Need EZ-POUR® Adapters? You will also want to check the flame arrestor for any damages while securing the spout to the container. If it appears to be broken, replace it right away.

Wait to Remove the Spout

After an EZ-POUR® spout has been used, it should not immediately be removed from its base cap. Since the spout’s gasket is made to expand, quick removal may damage the gasket and cause a leak. If you have an issue with one or more of your gaskets, you can submit a form on EZ-POUR®’s website for a free spout gasket or add a new base gasket to your cart for free.

Don’t Forget the Cap and Vent

There’s a good reason why all EZ-POUR® spouts come with a cap strap – so that you never forget to put it back on! As soon as you’re done pouring, replace the cap to the container so that it remains sealed while in storage. The vent on the back also needs to be closed so that fumes are unable to escape into your shed or garage.

Still don’t own an EZ-POUR® spout? Buy yours online at ezpourspout.com.