4 Tips for Storing Gas Cans This Winter

As cool fall temperatures continue to drop, your lawn requires less maintenance each day. The grass no longer grows tall and almost all of the leaves have hit the earth. You’ll find yourself storing gas-powered gear, along with gas cans for the winter. But what if your gas can isn’t empty just yet? Here are 4 tips to help you store them properly:

Finish Off What’s Left

If there’s not much gasoline left inside the can, try finishing off the remaining amount. This can be done by mowing the lawn one last time or filling up your car when it’s running low. You can also visit a hazardous waste center for proper disposal. There is a chance that you’ll need gasoline on hand for a generator or possibly a snow blower. If so, move on to the next tip.

Or Add a Fuel Stabilizer

Yes, gasoline can expire. When you add a fuel stabilizer to it, however, the possibility for oxidation decreases significantly. Without it, gasoline will deteriorate over time and be less effective the next time you need fuel. Other factors that can cause gas to go bad in storage are dust and humidity. That’s why you need to make sure the cap is always on tight.

Tighten the Cap

While a gas cap keeps fuel and vapors in, it also keeps contaminants out. Having an airtight seal will assist in the elimination of oxidation and allow your gasoline to last for the entire winter. If you doubt the ability of your cap, consider upgrading to one of EZ-POUR®’s solid base caps for storage:

Place in Storage

Once you have followed the steps above, your gas can is ready to be stored. It’s critical that you avoid storing it next to an open flame or strong heat source. Also, keep it somewhere high so that small children or pets don’t have access to the can. A shelf in your garage or shed is the perfect place for storage at any time of the year.

Now that you know how to properly store your gas can for the winter, what are you waiting for? Purchase an EZ-POUR® spout, install it, and break out your gas can the next time you need it – you’ll thank us for being prepared ahead of time.

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