4 Winter Activities that EZ-POUR® Improves

There are two ways to deal with an upcoming forecast of snow. You can stay inside like a groundhog until you see your shadow again, or you can break out an EZ-POUR® spout and prepare yourself for upcoming winter activities. Unless you want to wake up to the same old song on your alarm clock every morning, we’d recommend the second option. What kind of activities are we talking about? Continue reading to find out.

Clearing Driveways

Known for its backbreaking nature, shoveling the driveway is not the easiest task to accomplish first thing in the morning. That’s why you need to spring for a gasoline-powered snow blower. These babies can get the job done much faster than your neighbor’s kid down the street can. Plus, it’s more like mowing the lawn than digging a hole. Worried that you can’t handle its power? Home Depot does an excellent job of educating their customers on how to use a snow blower.

Testing Generators

Remember when we told you in the spring to invest in a backup plan by buying a gasoline generator? That will really pay off if you lose power on one of these cold winter nights. Testing your generator, new or old, is an important part of being prepared. Fill it up with enough gas for a test run and turn it on for a few minutes. If it runs properly, put it back into storage until you need it again. If not, take your machine in for a repair or get it replaced ASAP.

Riding Snowmobiles

So we started with a few chores, fair enough. Let’s get into some real fun by recommending that you go for a ride on a snowmobile. Depending on where you live, there are plenty of options to buy new or rent this winter vehicle. You can find a place near home to roam around or you can check out the 10 Best Places for Snowmobiling in the U.S. This list includes states like Montana, Vermont, Colorado, and more.

Taking Road Trips

Speaking of traveling, you don’t need to have a snowmobile to go for a road trip across the country. Maybe you’re a snowbird who would rather be swimming in the ocean than stuck in a blizzard. Or you love to ski but the nearest mountain is thousands of miles away. All that matters is that you pay close attention to the weather and bring a GPS so you don’t get lost. It also does help to pack an empty gas can in case you do have to make the long walk to a gas station at some point.

Escape the Cold Sooner with EZ-POUR

All of these activities have one thing in common – fueling up an engine. If you don’t have a spout that makes pouring easy, then you’ll just be stuck out in the cold that much longer. Simply attach an EZ-POUR® universal replacement spout to any of your old gas cans for a reliable experience every time. Buy yours online at ezpourspout.com.