7 Features of Our Universal Replacement Spout Kits

EZ-POUR® is proud to offer a universal replacement spout kit that is compatible with a wide variety of fuel and water cans. This list includes Blitz, Briggs, Eagle, Essence, Gott, Igloo, Rubbermaid, Scepter, Stancan, and Wedco brands. It even fits additional cans with our adapters (sold separately). Our spout kit also has 7 features that make fueling up easier. Continue reading to learn more about each one.

Flexible Nozzles

If you’ve had the displeasure of using a gas can produced in the last decade, then you know how difficult it is to fuel anything nowadays. Luckily, EZ-POUR® recognized the flaws in many of the new cans’ designs and made a spout that is 100% flexible. This feature allows users to avoid spills while adjusting their spouts to the most difficult of engines.

We also offer rigid spout kits online if needed.

Extendable Spouts

On top of being flexible, our spout is also fully extendable. Do you have a machine with a tank that’s harder to reach than the average lawn mower? No problem! You can connect multiple EZ-POUR® spouts together for infinite length. They attach and can be unattached with ease, taking up less storage space when you’re not fueling.

Spout Caps and Tethers

Speaking of storage, there’s no need to worry about spills or fumes leaking out when your spout comes with a cap. To makes things even simpler, a tether is also included. This helps the cap remain secured to the spout.

Push-In Vents

EZ-POUR® spouts also come with a push-in vent so that you can replace or install a new one to your gas can. Their main purpose is to release any air that enters a can while the gasoline is pouring out. Check out our recent post, Does My Gas Can Need a Vent?, to find out how to install a new vent.

Black and Yellow Base Caps

Each kit contains two base caps: a black cap with a fine thread and a yellow cap with a course thread. Test both on the desired can and choose the one that fits better. Next, remove the cap to insert the spout through it. There’s a chance that neither cap will fit so hang on to the original base cap or look for our adapters online. Once the cap and spout are securely connected, attach them back to the can.

Flame Arrestors

The most important feature to a universal replacement spout is one that will prevent a potential explosion – the flame arrestor. Made from a wire mesh, it prevents heat sources from causing vapors inside of the can to ignite. The flame arrestor fits in the bottom of the spout, right above the base cap. Conveniently, these can also be used as filter screens if the can is being used to pour water.

Replaceable Nitrile Rubber Gaskets

A nitrile rubber, or NBR, gasket is able to resist gasoline, ethanol, two-stroke oils, diesel, diesel fuel additives, fuel stabilizers, and more. Its job is to provide a tight, long-lasting seal between the flame arrestor and base cap.

More Than Just a Spout

As you can see, EZ-POUR® universal replacement spout kits come with much more than just a spout. It’s our goal to provide customers with the tools that will lead them to easy pouring. Buy yours online at ezpourspout.com.