5 Summer Adventures that EZ-POUR® Improves

There’s more to fueling up on gasoline than simply moving from Point A to Point B – especially during the summer. Whether filling your car for a road trip or a boat on the water, the real memories come from the adventures that fuel allows you to take. What happens if you run out of gas along the way? Here is how you can keep an enjoyable outing going with a portable fuel container and an EZ-POUR® Universal Replacement Spout:

On a Road Trip

If you’re on the road to a destination you’ve never driven to before, then there’s a good chance you’ll be making a few detours. Whether it’s checking out the world’s largest tractor or stopping for some delicious fudge, it’s going to cost your tank gasoline. Forget to fill up at the last pitstop? No problem!

On the Water

From jet skis to speedboats, a full tank of gasoline leads to plenty of tubing, skiing, and wakeboarding when you’re out on the water. The docks are the safest place to fuel your engine but your tank may be running on E in the middle of nowhere. It’s a good thing you brought supplies!

On a Camping Trip

Gasoline-powered generators can be one of the most reliable camping tools when you prefer not to go all out on the outdoor experience. These can provide power to cooking stoves, fans on a hot night, or even to charge your phone.

On the Backroads

Leave the paved streets behind and hit the backroads for a bit of a rougher experience. Dirt bikes and SUVs are perfect for adventurous people who enjoy the thrill of throttling where no one else dares. You won’t even have to be afraid of running out of fuel.

On Two Wheels Instead of Four

When you have the urge to ride a motorcycle with no real destination in mind, forget about finding the nearest gas stations. It’s easier to just step off your chopper at your convenience and fill up on your own anyway. Think of all the time you can save and all the sunsets you can chase instead.

Thanks to EZ-POUR®, you’ll be looking back on all the moments where you didn’t even have to think twice about fueling up on gasoline. All you’ll remember is how amazing the past few months have been.

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