6 Ways to Conserve Water In Your Lawn Irrigation System

Maintaining a healthy lawn requires time, hard work, and plenty of water. However, prioritizing yard care can lead to higher water bills and over-saturating your grass. It’s essential to practice conservation when using lawn irrigation systems. Keep reading to learn six ways to minimize water consumption while keeping a beautiful lawn and garden. 

Adjust Water Pressure Settings 

Some older irrigation systems most likely only have one water setting. However, modern system installations include pressure sensors. The advantage of using newer irrigation systems with sensors is the ability to adjust water pressure for different zones in your lawn. 

Watering in zones helps with lawns that experience dry patches in the sun. You can use adjustable pressure settings to target areas of your yard that need more water than others and reduce water pressure in other zones. 

Install Rain and Weather Sensors

Rain and weather sensors like water pressure systems can also help reduce water consumption. These sensors can measure rainfall and account for rain runoff. Calculating natural rainfall will increase or decrease how much water saturates the lawn through sprinklers. 

These sensors can help homeowners rely on natural irrigation from precipitation. Additionally, this conservation method can reduce water costs each month. 

Watering Your Lawn in the Morning 

Deciding to run your irrigation system earlier in the day can help save on water consumption. Since the sun is not at peak intensity in the morning, lawns can retain more moisture. 

Watering in the morning allows lawns to absorb the water they need and let the afternoon heat dry up any excess moisture, which helps prevent oversaturation. 

Choose Landscaping That is Drought Resistant 

Minimizing water consumption starts at the root. Planting landscaping that is well-suited to your climate builds a weather-resistant yard. Even if you don’t live in drought-prone regions, choosing these plants promotes healthy foliage without using large quantities of water. 

Set Mower Height Appropriately 

Other than helping lawns stay manicured, lawnmowers can play a vital role in controlling water consumption. The recommended height to set your lawn mower is two inches. At this level, the grass will be tall enough to provide shade for soil after irrigation systems saturate the area. The added shade can help the soil retain moisture for longer and require less water in total. 

Leave Grass Clippings in The Lawn

When you’ve finished in the yard for the day, leave the lawn clippings in your yard. The clippings protect soil, like how mulch can safeguard landscaping. Adding protection to soil conserves moisture, reduces excessive watering, and saves money on water costs each month. 

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