How a Quality Gas Spout Can Help You Save Money

Does fueling your home improvement projects leave your wallet feeling empty? People often need to spend more money repairing and replacing their gas cans. Investing in quality gas cans helps save money over time and keeps your equipment running longer.

Keep reading to learn signs of faulty gas can equipment and ways to upgrade your gas cans.

Stop the Leaks 

Over the years, gas cans received federal regulation to improve safety measures. While these new safety cans have helped protect children and the environment, their practicality could be more helpful. Gas cans are more challenging to pour from with new levers and no vent.

Quality gas spouts don’t have these new features, so they generally leak less and have more of a fluid pour. Leaking even small amounts of gas can be a significant cost for the consumer.

If your equipment doesn’t seem as practical or user-friendly as it should, this may be a sign to ditch the newer design and use quality gas cans designed to save money.

Avoid Gas Spills That Come With Newer Cans 

New cans leave users more prone to gas spills due to the design’s strain on user efficiency. As annoying as it may be to clean up, the cost of wasting unnecessary gas is even worse.

And spills don’t just waste small amounts of gas. If gas leaks spill onto other lawn or motor equipment, you can cause further damage to other parts and tools in your garage. These parts need repairs and replacements to operate again, meaning you spend more money on avoidable problems.

Quality gas cans can keep your home improvement projects running smoothly and help you save big on unnecessary spending.

How Can I Create a Quality Gas Can? 

Instead of buying a new gas can, you can use replacement spouts to prevent leaks, spills, and waste. By investing in a few new parts, your older gas cans can be some of the most reliable on the market.

Replacement spouts and adapters are affordable ways to upgrade your old gas cans and restore their quality in your toolbox. The flexible design of each replacement spout can help in any situation. Attaching simple parts can increase flow, reduce leaks, and help you avoid costly gas waste.

EZ-POUR®’s Standard, Rigid, and HI-FLO® replacement spouts are compatible with existing gas cans. No matter which gas can you currently have, our application chart can help you find the best-fitting spouts and adapters to transform your equipment.

Get Quality Back Today with EZ-POUR®

Car trouble, lawn care, and fixer-upper projects can happen anytime and anywhere. With the support of EZ-POUR® replacement spouts, the possibilities for quality care in your life are endless.

Have any questions? Reach out to our team today so we can help you create the gas can you deserve. Shop our product line now and notice the difference quality can make!