Reasons to Use Premixed Fuel

If you own lawn equipment, you know how important the correct mix of premium-quality gas and oil is for its performance and internal upkeep. While it’s possible to mix a solution together for two-stroke engines yourself, getting the premixed fuel on the market is worth it. Below is a list of reasons premixed fuel is […]

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Your Winter Lawn Prep List

While certain regions across the United States have already experienced their first freeze and snow, for others, like the Midwest, as December comes to a close and cold weather closes in, it’s paramount that individuals take the necessary steps to prep their lawn to survive the winter so it can flourish come springtime. Read on […]

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How to Winterize Your Chainsaw

During winter, unused tools are susceptible to damage caused by cold weather. If you don’t winterize your chainsaw, the engine could stall, rust could form, and metals could warp. In other words, don’t risk leaving your chainsaw out! This article will walk you through the 6 simple steps you need to take. Step 1. Check […]

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How to Mulch Leaves With a Lawn Mower

While autumn leaves stand out beautifully, they become a mess on your lawn once they fall. Most homeowners don’t look forward to raking up leaves. Luckily, mulching them with a lawn mower is a great alternative. Here’s what you need to know about mulching leaves and the benefits it provides. Learn to Mulch Fallen Leaves […]

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New Gas Cans Are Horrible

New gas cans are horrible. They’re so hard to use. Sure, they were created with good intentions in mind, but they lack proper functionality. That’s why our experts compiled a list of the issues people run into and how you can bypass all of these! The Issues With New Gas Cans Following January 1, 2009, […]

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