5 Different Types of Fuel

There’s a good reason the EZ-POUR® spout was born – to let you smoothly pour fuel into an engine again. The portable fuel containers we once loved are no longer available, but the different types of fuel still have their own cans. This time around, we’re talking about gasoline and diesel fuel – which both […]

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Can a Gas Can Explode in Hot Weather?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an undrafted rookie or a seasoned veteran when it comes to using a gas can for day-to-day usage – it’s important to understand the can’s safety features. A question that is commonly asked online is “Can a gas can explode in hot weather?” In order to answer this question, EZ-POUR® […]

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Which Cans Need EZ-POUR® Adapters?

Let’s say you have an old can that you’d never throw away. The only problem with it is the spout, which now takes forever to pour. It’s obviously time to purchase an EZ-POUR® Universal Replacement Spout, but don’t check out too fast! Your can may require an adapter. How can you tell? Follow along to […]

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Where to Buy EZ-POUR® Gas Spouts

Online shopping can be both helpful and overwhelming when it comes to buying gas spouts. On one hand, you have the ability to browse and find an almost unlimited number of options to choose from. On the other, paradox of choice is intimidating to even the most seasoned shopaholics. That’s why EZ-POUR® is providing you […]

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