Can Gasoline Freeze in the Winter?

gas can in the winter

Many people store gas cans in their garage or shed for when they need to top off their lawnmowers, snowblowers, and other tools that require gas. That’s perfectly fine in the summer, but when the days turn cold, the question “Can gasoline freeze?” comes to mind. The short answer is yes, and if you live in a place with harsh winters or a cold climate in general, here’s all you need to know about storing gas this season.

How Does Gasoline Freeze?

It’s easy to imagine gas freezing like water into a solid piece of ice. Yet, gas typically doesn’t freeze completely due to the additives and mixtures inside. Oil refineries are allowed to add up to 10% ethanol in their gas, which is seen as an anti-freezing component. So, when gas freezes, it turns into a gel-like substance. When you pick up your gas can and slosh it around, you may hear a few splashes, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your gas isn’t frozen. Check the gas by seeing how easy it pours from the spout. Your gas is likely frozen if you notice it’s chunkier and not pouring as quickly as it did in warmer months.

At What Temperature Does Gasoline Freeze?

Gas freezes at a range of about -40 to -200 degrees Fahrenheit, with most of it freezing at -100 degrees. The temperature it freezes at depends on the additives and elements mixed in. While not all places will reach this frigid temperature, some do, especially in northern states like Alaska, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and Michigan.

How Full Should You Keep Your Gas Can?

Ideally, keep the gas can full as much as possible during the winter. Any space left in the can allows condensation a chance to build up. This brings in water, which mixes with the gas inside.

How Do You Store Gasoline?

Of course, you won’t want to store your gas can in the house, even though it’s warm inside, since gas is highly flammable. Instead, keep your gas stored in your garage or shed and add a fuel stabilizer. This keeps the gas from separating in addition to going stale.

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Be Ready for Winter With EZ-POUR®

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