The EZ-POUR® Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the best time of the year! That means driving through town light displays, snowmobiling across snow-covered trails, camping in your favorite winter destinations, and, of course, finding the perfect gifts for the ones you love. At EZ-POUR®, we have you covered. Follow our holiday gift guide to make sure your friends and family are prepared for their favorite outdoor activities this season.

Best Gift for Fueling Vertical Necks – Bent Tips

ez pour bent tips

Bent tip spout extensions, designed with a 45-degree angle, direct fuel into vertical necks with ease! Each set comes with two sizes for different applications. Use the unleaded tip when filling small mowers, power washers, tillers, and any small engine with a vertical neck. The HI-FLO® tip is great for larger engines, such as those on tractors, riding mowers, skid loaders, boats, and all those hard-to-reach necks.

Best Gift for Fueling Cars With Capless Designs – Rigid Spouts

Our Rigid Replacement Spout & Vent Kits are perfect for those who need to fuel newer model cars with capless designs. It’s the same dimensions as gas station pumps, and with its thread-free design, it won’t get caught on the vehicle’s spring-loaded fill neck. This spout comes as a kit with everything they’ll need, including the spout, spout cap, flame arrestor, 1/2” replacement push in vent, and yellow and black base caps to help fit 98% of old gas cans and keep the nozzle in place. These old gas cans include those made by Blitz, Briggs & Stratton, Eagle, Essence, Gott, Igloo, Midwest, Rubbermaid, and Scepter.

Best Gift for Storing Gas – Solid Base Caps

So far, we’ve covered options for pouring gas, but what about the best gift for storing gas? EZ-POUR®’s solid base caps allow anyone to store fuel easily without worrying about leaks or spills. Our black, yellow, and grey solid base caps come in a pack of two, while our red base cap comes in a pack of one.

Bring EZ-POUR® Home for the Holidays

Spending time with your loved ones is what the holidays are all about. When they open an EZ-POUR® gift from you, they’ll know you thought of them and what they needed most. So, what are you waiting for? Complete your holiday shopping today at ezpourspout.com!