EZ-POUR®’s Guide to Yard Work in the Fall

The blistering summer days are starting to cool down and yard work is becoming manageable again. Don’t put your EZ-POUR® spout away just yet – there’s still a lot to get done! You know your gas-powered outdoor equipment isn’t going to fuel itself, right? Fall is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming shorter and colder days spent inside. Continue reading to learn more from EZ-POUR®’s guide to yard work in the fall.

Cut the Grass Shorter than Normal

Like a grizzly bear getting ready to move back into its den, your lawn mower is ready to feast one last time before months of hibernation. Make sure to put it on a shorter setting than normal to ensure that your yard is properly maintained until next spring. You’ll even get a head start on some of the leaves that have started to rain down. 

Blow and Mulch the Leaves

Speaking of leaves, they’re not going away any time soon. That’s why it’s important to have a leaf blower that also functions as a vacuum and mulcher. You might be able to blow your neighbor’s leaves back into their yard, but you are going to want to responsibly handle the ones from your own trees.   

Remove Weeds Before They Grow

Not all of the plant life in your yard will start to disappear as the weather changes. In fact, some weeds have a chance to grow even stronger. An alternative to spraying or pulling them out of the ground is using a string trimmer. This is especially useful in those hard-to-reach places that evade your lawn mower.

Prune Dying Tree Branches

Have you ever seen a precarious branch hanging from a tree and wondered how to take care of that yourself? The answer is a pole saw – an elongated device that is basically a chainsaw connected to a pole. Cutting the dead branches now will prevent falling debris when the snow arrives. As long as you follow proper safety procedures, you’ll get the job done fast.

Power Wash Your Home

Don’t be afraid to get out there with a power washer one last time to remove any mold or dirt from your deck or siding. This isn’t a task you have to perform often, but it will give your home more curb appeal. Trust us, you’re not going to want to be doing this during the winter.

Buy an EZ-POUR® Spout

While there are cordless and electric options out there, gasoline-powered engines are the most powerful way to maintain your yard this season. You’re going to need an EZ-POUR® spout for fueling up, too. Buy yours online at ezpourspout.com.