Items Included in EZ-POUR®’s Spout and Vent Kit

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This phrase is commonly used when it comes to deciding on a repair or replacement job. If something truly is in working condition, then why try to change it? The EZ-POUR® universal replacement spout and vent kit, however, was made for the failing gas can spouts out there. It may seem like a lot of parts to handle, but the overall process of installation is easy. Here’s what comes with the kit:

Spout, Cap, and Tether

The most important item that comes with the kit is an EZ-POUR® spout. These spouts were made to connect directly to a can for you to safely pour gasoline or other liquids. A custom-fit spout cap is also included to assist you in avoiding an accidental spill and for preventing dangerous vapors from escaping the cans. The tether it comes with will need to be installed to the cap so that you never lose it.

Push-In Vent

Included is a push-in vent that fits older Blitz, Midwest, and other cans that have a half-inch hole for a vent. The purpose of this vent is to let air into the can, while pouring, to prevent gasoline from wildly splashing out. Simply pry out the old vent of an empty can with a screwdriver and push the new one in. To properly install a push-in vent, empty and dry out the can before drilling a half-inch hole at the top of the back. Use a step drill bit, tapered reamer, paddle bit, or wood speed bit for best results. Push in the new vent and clear out any shavings left in the can. This vent can even fit water jugs.

Yellow and Black Base Caps

EZ-POUR®’s kit also contains two base caps with different thread designs. The yellow cap (coarse thread) fits Midwest and Scepter cans, along with EZ-POUR®’s Chilton adapter, jerry can adapter, 63mm “F” style No-Spill adapter, and racing jug adapter. The black cap (fine thread) fits older Briggs and Stratton, Rubbermaid, Essence, Blitz, and Gott cans. If you do not have any of the cans listed, test both caps on your can to see which fits better. EZ-POUR® has additional parts available online if necessary.

Flame Arrestor 

The last important piece to the kit is a flame arrestor. Made from a wire mesh, it allows gasoline to safely pour from the can and through the spout. In a previous EZ-POUR® blog, Can a Gas Can Explode in Hot Weather?,we explained that its purpose is to prevent an explosion.

If your spout is broken, don’t replace it with just any old part. Trust in an EZ-POUR® spout and replacement kit. Buy yours online at ezpourspout.com.