Gas Can Spouts: Are They Universal?

Let’s say that you’re cleaning out the shed when you stumble across an old gas can with a broken spout. Memories instantly flood back of when pouring gasoline used to be easy. You jump online to find a replacement but none of these gas cans look like yours – especially not their spouts. Will any of them even fit your can? That’s what EZ-POUR® is here to help you find out. Continue reading to learn if gas can spouts are universal.

A Variety of Gas Cans

Portable fuel containers (gas cans) come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. This includes cans that are used for different purposes – red containers are for storing gasoline, blue for kerosene, and yellow for diesel fuel.

Are Gas Spouts One Size Fits All?

Nowadays, gas cans come with their own spouts due to the EPA’s regulations mentioned in our previous post, Why Gas Can Spouts Changed.These new spouts are simply not what they used to be since they are hard to use and typically spill more fuel.

Hang On To That Old Gas Can

While there are regulations for how new gas cans and their spouts must be manufactured, no one is saying that you have to use them. Feel free to use your old gas can as long as it properly functions. If you happen to lose your old spout or it becomes damaged beyond repair, consider a universal replacement spout to keep it going.

Invest in Universal Replacement Spouts

Don’t waste your time and money purchasing a brand-new gas can just to replace the spout. EZ-POUR® offers universal replacement spouts that allow you to pour fluid from your gas and water cans again. How are these universal? EZ-POUR®’s spouts come with a cap and a second base cap to fit additional cans. There are also adapters available for those with jerry cans, metal cans, racing jugs, and more!

EZ-POUR®’s spouts are second to none. Buy yours online at ezpourspout.com.