Handling Spring Yard Work with EZ-POUR®

Spring is officially in full bloom, which can be good and bad news for your yard. The good news is that everything is finally growing back! According to Rutgers, “the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction, and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed.” The bad news is that everything is now growing back! It’s time to get back into maintenance mode so that your yard doesn’t look like a jungle. Here’s how to handle spring yard work with the help of an EZ-POUR® spout.

Till and Cultivate the Land

Speaking of blooming flowers, your garden may still be lacking them thanks to a long and cold winter. Now’s a great time for obtaining a fresh start with a tiller. This gas-powered machine loosens and breaks up compact soil to make planting easier. If you do still have a few sprouts popping their heads out, cultivators will help you to remove any surrounding weeds while also loosening the ground. They don’t go as deep as tillers (less than 8 inches) but are still able to aerate the soil.

Seed and Fertilize the Yard

Have you noticed that not all of the grass in your yard has grown back just yet? It may be time to put more seed down. Once the new grass starts to take root, you can feed them the nutrients they need by fertilizing next. Hop on a ride-on spreader sprayer, like this one from Toro, to get the job done a lot faster than you ever thought possible.

Start Mowing Weekly

Twenty-four hours after initially fertilizing your yard, you’re going to want to start mowing on a regular basis. Once a week should be enough to keep it at a height that has curbside appeal. According to The Spruce, “some experts recommend keeping lawn grass around 3 inches tall during spring and summer” to prevent crabgrass from taking over.

Trim Hard-to-Reach Places

There are some areas of the lawn that your mower just can’t reach. That’s where a gas-powered straight shaft string trimmer comes in handy. Use one of these to reach under or around obstacles such as fencing, siding, trees, and more. If you really want to get up close and personal, without damaging your line or changing heads too often, opt for the BRUSH DAWG® duel cutting trimmer head.

Saw Fallen Branches

It’s possible that you’ll find some decent-sized debris in the form of fallen tree branches while you’re working on your yard. If so, don’t try to haul them to the curb in one piece. Break out a chainsaw to cut them in halves, fourths, or whatever other sizes you see fit. That’ll especially make light work of transporting them from the backyard. Don’t forget to look up as well – there may be a few branches still barely holding on to the trees. Introduce them to your pole saw before they fall on someone’s head.

Fueling Spring Yard Work with an EZ-POUR® Spout

What’s the common theme between these projects? All of the machinery we suggest you use is powered by gasoline. Unfortunately, gas can spouts today are overcomplicated and can result in unnecessary spills that delay the job at hand. Before you consider switching over to electric-powered devices that raise your energy bill, purchase an EZ-POUR® spout to make fueling up the easiest part of your day. Check out these 7 features of our universal replacement spout kits that prove to be accurate.

Once you’re ready, buy yours online at ezpourspout.com.