How to Make Your Old Gas Can Great Again

Are your old gas cans just taking up space? Are you dreading having to buy new ones with new spouts? Well, you’re in luck. Buy replacement spouts, vents, and flame arrestors with EZ-POUR® so you can make your old gas cans great again. Are you still skeptical? Keep reading to learn more about what EZ-POUR® can do for you.

What Spouts Do We Offer?

We offer four different spout kits to suit your specific needs. You can choose from the following:

  • Standard Replacement Spout & Vent Kit – this kit includes a flexible and versatile replacement spout that is designed to fit most gas cans or water jugs. You can use this spout to fill lawnmowers, generators, string trimmers, and more! The kit includes the spout, spout cap, tether, ½” replacement push-in vent, filter screen/ flame arrestor, and yellow and black base caps.
  • HI-FLO® Replacement Spout & Vent Kit – the flexible nozzle can empty a five-gallon gas can in 35 seconds and fits most gas cans and water jugs. You can use this spout on boats, ATVs, farming equipment, diesel trucks, and tanks with wider openings. Along with all the supplies provided in the Standard Replacement Spout & Vent Kit, this kit includes an eight-inch spout extension for those hard-to-reach tanks.
  • HI-FLO® Replacement Spout with Reducer Tip – producing the same results as the HI-FLO® Replacement Spout & Vent Kit, and containing the same add-ons, the only difference with this spout is that it comes with an unleaded reducer tip. You can use this spout kit on everyday vehicles and tanks with smaller openings.
  • RIGID® Replacement Spout & Vent Kit – this kit contains all the add-ons as the Standard Replacement Spout & Vent Kit. Still, we designed the short, rigid spout for vehicles with a capless fuel system and small, one-gallon containers used for weed eaters, chainsaws, and other handheld equipment.

The Importance of Vents

You may have noticed that we offer a replaceable push-in vent in every spout kit. These replaceable vents are vital to ensuring you get a clean pour from your gas can. The last thing you want is to make a mess of your fuel. Our replaceable, push-in vent will fit many Blitz, Midwest, and other gas cans with a ½” hold for a vent. On our website, you can also purchase Seal All, a vent sealer for this specific vent.

We also provide two vents caps separate from the replaceable, push-in vent. These include the following:

All our vent caps are sold separately from the spout and vent kits come in a package of two. So, you don’t have to worry about needing to order a new one when it’s time to replace one.

Other Essential EZ-POUR® Parts

We offer many different parts and adaptors that ensure that your old gas cans can still be of use to you. You’ll find everything you’ll need with EZ-POUR®, from four different base caps to replacement spout gaskets and spout caps. We pride ourselves on our innovation, resourcefulness, and our dedication to our customers. Make your gas can great again; shop EZ-POUR® today!