Why You Need a Multi-Use Spout

At EZ-POUR®, we don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk. We care about convenience, safety, and quality, all at a reasonable price. By providing universal replacement spouts and vent kits that last the test of time, we guarantee you’ll be happy with your choice of EZ-POUR® Spout. We are proud to provide spout solutions for gas, diesel, and water cans so you can fuel up or water down anytime you need. Keep reading to learn the benefits of a multi-use spout.

Pros of Good Multi-Use Spouts

A good multi-use spout prevents spills when pouring fuel. The spouts should be thick enough to provide a quick flow, while the vent at the back prevents pressure from occurring. An excellent universal spout is the Replacement Fuel Spout and Vent Kit. This standard spout goes with almost any can. If, for some reason, the two base caps that come with this kit don’t fit your can, EZ-POUR® offers adaptors.

Another quality you want to look for in a multi-use spout is that it efficiently pours the entire contents of the can. This is typically done with longer spouts that you can bend to achieve the necessary angle to empty the container without spilling. While all of EZ-POUR®’s spouts are efficient, safe, and high-quality, one stands out. The Hi-Flo® Replacement Spout and Vent Kit can empty a five-gallon gas can in 35 seconds. It’s an excellent choice for ATVs, boats, tractors, diesel trucks, and more. It’s also great for hard-to-reach tanks. Just make sure you have a wider fuel tank opening.

You also want a multi-use spout that’s durable and highly compatible. EZ-POUR®’s spouts come with different base caps that fit 98% of plastic gas and water containers. However, you must also think about the type of gas tank you want to fill. For instance, if you need to fill a tank with a smaller opening, we choose the Hi-Flo® Replacement Spout with Unleaded Reducer. If you need to fill smaller yard equipment or even a new car with a capless design, we prefer the shorter, Rigid® Replacement Spout and Vent Kit.

Cons of Multi-Use Spouts

Who are we kidding? There are no cons to a good multi-use spout!

Find The Perfect Multi-Use Spout Today

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