How to Store Your Gas Can at Home

There’s always a method to your madness, right? You’re either the type of person who keeps their tools organized on the wall or who casually throws them in the toolbox. Ultimately, it doesn’t make a difference as long as you know where everything is kept. That’s not the case when it comes to your gas can. Let EZ-POUR® explain – at home, gas cans should be stored:

Outside of the Living Space

Accidents happen and spills can occur when the lid is left off a gas can. That’s part of why it should be stored outside of your living space. Garages and sheds are places that 1) have floors consisting of concrete, 2) people do not spend a lot of time inside, and 3) have more space for storage. Another reason is gasoline is highly flammable.

Away from Flames

Anything from a nearby spark to a flame can ignite gasoline. In fact, it only takes about 12 feet of proximity for the fumes to catch fire. This means that your gas can should also be kept away from major home appliances. Water heaters, furnaces, stoves, and others typically have a pilot light.

Near a Fire Extinguisher

By storing a fire extinguisher near a gas can, there is a better chance to put out a potential fire. Consider placing the extinguisher near a door or window for emergency access. The last thing you want is for the two items to be kept side-by-side.

Out of Reach

Gasoline is also poisonous – especially for children. Take preventative measures early so that gas cans are always out of reach from them, along with pets. Shelving units are helpful resources when it comes to height. Place the can on the top shelf and secure the structure either to the floor or wall. If you decide to use the floor for storage, get creative and make sure that no one can reach the can but you.

With an EZ-POUR® Spout

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