How to Winterize Your Chainsaw

winterize your chainsaw

During winter, unused tools are susceptible to damage caused by cold weather. If you don’t winterize your chainsaw, the engine could stall, rust could form, and metals could warp. In other words, don’t risk leaving your chainsaw out! This article will walk you through the 6 simple steps you need to take.

Step 1. Check for Problems and Clean Thoroughly

Poor maintenance can be one of the major reasons a chainsaw is not functioning properly. While a chainsaw may look ok on the outside, it can collect loads of dust and dirt inside. So, before putting it away for the winter, ensure it’s clean and in good working condition.

Clean thoroughly, and in the case of any damage, replace parts or bring it in for repair if need be.

Step 2. Oil the Chains and Metallic Surfaces

Oil protects the chainsaw from rust and corrosion, making it easier to start in the spring. Apply oil to the chains and metallic surfaces generously.

Some modern chainsaws have an automatic oiler, in which the bar goes into the oil reservoir, effectively coating it.

Step 3. Drain the Fuel or Add a Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel left in the chainsaw can go bad over time and cause serious damage. If you won’t be using it for 3 months or more, drain the fuel from the tank or use a fuel stabilizer. Depending on the product you use, a stabilizer can lengthen gasoline’s shelf life to 1 to 3 years.

Step 4. Add Engine Oil

The next step is to put in some fresh oil since dirty oil can damage your engine. A heavier oil, like 10W30 or SAE30, will help protect your engine in such cold temperatures.

To do so, remove the spark plug and pour in one teaspoon of oil, a ratio of 40:1. Then pull the starter 8 to 10 times to redistribute the oil before replacing the spark plug.

Step 5. Clean the Air Filter

Another important thing to do is clean the air filter. It keeps dirt and debris out of the engine and, over time, can become damaged. Check for loose screws, nuts, and bolts, and replace damaged parts.

Step 6. Store in a Well-Ventilated Area

Store your chainsaw in a cool and dry place with proper ventilation. This includes keeping it out of the sun. Also, make sure it’s out of reach of children and pets.

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