Introducing EZ-POUR®’s Bent Tips

If you’re sick and tired of using both hands and a foot, all while bending over just to fill your engine with gasoline, then boy, do we have the product for you – EZ-POUR®’s bent tips! This isn’t just your regular ol’ spout extension as each tip is bent to a 45-degree angle. When attached to a flexible spout, it will assist in pouring fuel directly into the neck of an engine instead of above it. EZ-POUR® designed bent tips to make your fueling just a little easier after all.

This product comes available as a kit that contains both an unleaded bent tip and a HI-FLO® bent tip (along with caps for each).

Unleaded Bent Tip

The unleaded bent tip will attach to the top of any flexible EZ-POUR® spout, including the replacement fuel spout and the HI-FLO® replacement spout. When used with a HI-FLO® replacement spout, this bent tip reduces the rate of fuel dispensing for smaller applications. That means there is no longer a need to purchase a separate, smaller spout. This option is perfect for small lawn mowers, power washers, generators, tillers, and any small engines with vertical necks.

HI-FLO® Bent Tip

The HI-FLO® bent tip, just like the HI-FLO® replacement spout, can empty a five-gallon gas can in 35 seconds flat. It’s great for tractors, riding mowers, skid loaders, boats, and all kinds of hard-to-reach fuel necks.

Why Buy a Flexible Spout from EZ-POUR®

Don’t already own a flexible spout made by EZ-POUR®? Our replacement fuel spouts allow users to avoid spills while adjusting to the most difficult of engines. They are also compatible with a wide variety of fuel and water cans, including Blitz, Briggs, Eagle, Essence, Gott, Igloo, Rubbermaid, Scepter, Stancan, and Wedco brands. They even fit additional cans with our adapters.

Each replacement fuel spout kit comes with:

  • Spout, cap, and tether
  • Push-in vent
  • Yellow and black base caps
  • Flame arrestor

Find the right fit for your can and don’t forget to add our new bent tips to the cart! Buy yours online at ezpourspout.com.