Which Cans Need EZ-POUR® Adapters?

Let’s say you have an old can that you’d never throw away. The only problem with it is the spout, which now takes forever to pour. It’s obviously time to purchase an EZ-POUR® Universal Replacement Spout, but don’t check out too fast! Your can may require an adapter. How can you tell? Follow along to learn which cans need EZ-POUR® adapters.

Chilton Adapter

In order to use an EZ-POUR® Spout with a Chilton fuel can, you’re going to need a Chilton adapter. All of our spouts will fit the Chilton adapter, but the adapter will only fit specific cans. Other compatible cans include:

  • Chilton water cans
  • Chilton diesel cans
  • Chilton kerosene cans
  • Anchor cans

Jerry Can Adapter

Both plastic and metal jerry cans require the EZ-POUR® jerry can adapter. When you purchase one, it will come with an O-ring for pouring with the original factory vent and a flat gasket to seal the tank completely.

Metal Can Adapter

Own a metal can? No problem! The metal can adapter fits old metal cans with one and a half-inch, and one and three-quarter-inch necks. Don’t forget your EZ-POUR® Spout as this product is sold separately.

Racing Jug Adapter

Cans aren’t the only way to store fuel. Racers, in particular, tend to utilize racing jugs instead. If this is your desired fuel container, make sure to purchase a racing jug adapter when you purchase your spout. This one also needs the solid yellow base cap.

63mm “F” Style No-Spill Adapter

Speaking of jugs, an EZ-POUR® adapter can also fit NO-SPILL® and all 63mm “F” style jugs. These containers are commonly used for herbicides, motor oil, and hydraulic fluid. Find our 63mm “F” style No-Spill adapter on our website.

Extension Kit

Last but certainly not least, an EZ-POUR® extension kit is an adapter for all of our spouts. There are many times when you have to pour liquids into a hard-to-reach place, but not anymore. Just remember that an EZ-POUR® Spout is not included in this kit.

Want to get even more specific? Check out our online application chart, where you can view each compatible can’s manufacturer, size/style, EZ-POUR® Spout, and adapter required. Buy yours online at ezpourspout.com.