The Difference Between Type I and Type II Safety Cans

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With different kinds of cans available for storing and transporting gas, you may be wondering what the difference is between Type I and Type II safety cans. Are they better than regular gas cans? To find out, read the answers below!

Type I Safety Cans

Type I safety cans are simple, with one opening used to fill and pour fuel. These cans fill vessels with big openings. Since there are no vents, the gas will gulp out if poured too hard. To help with this, manufacturers have funnel attachments.

Type II Safety Cans

Type II safety cans have two openings, one for filling and the other for pouring. Users fill the safety can through the large opening, which also serves as a vent for pouring. The second opening comes with a flexible metal hose for controlled dispensing. These cans fill vessels with small openings, like lawnmowers and weed eaters.

The Best Gas Cans

Safety cans, however, aren’t the only solution to storing flammable liquids.

Regulations placed on gas cans in 2009 were founded on good intentions. The idea was to reduce evaporation with durable, high-density polyethylene and barrier materials, and prevent spills with a locking device to prevent fuel from pouring out unless a lever is pressed. Yet, the design lacks proper functionality.

These safety cans can be cumbersome.

  • It’s hard to hold the release lever while supporting a heavy gas can in an awkward position.
  • Spring-loaded nozzles must rest on the gas tank at just the right angle to allow fuel to flow.
  • Without a vent to release air that entered while pouring, the trapped air can cause gasoline to splash out if it’s poured too quickly.

So, rather than use Type I or Type II safety cans, take your old gas cans and upgrade them with spouts and adapters that work!

The best gas cans are:

  • Anchor Can,
  • Blitz,
  • Briggs & Stratton,
  • Chilton,
  • Eagle,
  • FuelWorx,
  • Garage Boss,
  • Gott,
  • Igloo,
  • Midwest Can,
  • Military Jerry Can,
  • RotopaX,
  • Rubbermaid,
  • Scepter,
  • Stancan,
  • Tee Pee,
  • TruSolve,
  • and Wedco!

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