What Do the Different Colored Gas Cans Mean?

different colored gas cans

Gasoline lets you run errands in your car, keep the grass looking good with the use of the lawn mower, and get away on vacations with the use of boats. Gas cans, also known as portable fuel containers, store this liquid fuel safely.  If you’re wondering what the different colored gas cans mean, follow our guide!

Red Gas Can

Red gas cans are used to store gasoline, a volatile, flammable liquid mixture of hydrocarbon derived from petroleum and used as fuel in internal-combustion engines. This is the most commonly seen gas can color, as red is associated with danger and fire.

Yellow Gas Can

The color yellow is reserved for diesel fuel, a combustible liquid obtained from crude oil that is used as fuel for diesel engines. Unlike gasoline engines, which are ignited by a spark, diesel engines are ignited when the fuel is injected or sprayed into the compressed, hot air in the cylinder.

Blue Gas Can

Use a blue gas can for kerosene, a flammable hydrocarbon liquid obtained from petroleum and commonly used as fuel. Small airplanes and large twin-engine jets use kerosene, as do kerosene lamps and domestic heaters and furnaces.

Though flammable, kerosene is less flammable and volatile than diesel fuel or gasoline.

Green Gas Can

Oil is stored in green gas cans. The nonspecific nature means further labeling is required. This label must be consulted before use to prevent mistakes associated with pouring the wrong liquid.

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