Reasons to Use Premixed Fuel

premixed fuel

If you own lawn equipment, you know how important the correct mix of premium-quality gas and oil is for its performance and internal upkeep. While it’s possible to mix a solution together for two-stroke engines yourself, getting the premixed fuel on the market is worth it. Below is a list of reasons premixed fuel is beneficial, as well as the solution to spill-free fueling.

Benefits of Using Premixed Fuel

Premixed fuel, with its clinically-measured ratio of gas to oil, boasts the following benefits.

  1. High-octane gasoline is used. This gas is more difficult to ignite, preventing pre-ignition.
  2. Certain types of ethanol could damage small engines, so most use ethanol-free gasoline.
  3. The oil is ashless, essential to keeping the combustion chamber and spark plug from becoming covered in residue.
  4. Less smoke is released during the combustion process, thereby lowering the environmental impact.
  5. Stabilizers are used, so it has an extended shelf life.

Pour Premixed Fuel With EZ-POUR®

You’ll want fast, easy, and spill-free fueling. That’s where EZ-POUR®’s Pre-mix Spout comes in!

Our kit has a 7″ spout for fueling without the use of a funnel, a cap strap to keep the included cap secure, and a flame arrestor to prevent vapors in the container from igniting. The spout fits quart and 1-gallon cans, easily attaching to most premixed fuel and metal ready-to-use fuel cans, including:

  • Briggs & Stratton,
  • Coleman,
  • Echo,
  • Husqvarna,
  • Kawasaki,
  • Poulan Pro,
  • Powercare,
  • Ratman,
  • Redmax,
  • Sef,
  • Stihl,
  • STP,
  • Sunoco,
  • Super S,
  • Trufuel,
  • VP Racing,
  • and more!

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