Can a Gas Can Explode in Hot Weather?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an undrafted rookie or a seasoned veteran when it comes to using a gas can for day-to-day usage – it’s important to understand the can’s safety features. A question that is commonly asked online is “Can a gas can explode in hot weather?” In order to answer this question, EZ-POUR® provides the following tips: 

Avoid Enclosed Spaces

The temperature outside is most dangerous to a gas can when one is stored inside an enclosed space. Since gasoline expands from the heat and pressure then starts to build up inside of the can, there is a risk for an explosion to occur. Make sure to store your can in a well-ventilated area at all times.

Be Careful When Pouring

The sun itself may not be hot enough to ignite a gas can but, if used improperly, gasoline can ignite from other sources of heat and lead back to the can. This is why you should never attempt to light a fire with gasoline. There is also the potential for a flashback explosion. According to CNBC, “When gas vapor escaping the can contacts a source of ignition such as a flame or a spark, the vapor outside the container can ignite and ‘flash back’ inside the can.”

Keep Away from Children

As a side note, gas cans should always be kept out of your children’s reach. Even if you have warned them before, they may not fully understand the dangers of gasoline. Store your can away from children. This will especially come in handy when your children are looking for something to play with in the garage.

Know The Importance of Flame Arrestors

While not every gas can will come with a flame arrestor, each EZ-POUR® spout will for a very simple reason – to prevent an explosion. Constructed with a wire mesh, flame arrestors fit inside of your spout to let gasoline pour out and stop sources of heat from igniting the vapors in a can.

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