Do I Need a Gas Can Spout Cap?

Gas Can Spout Cap

Gasoline is highly volatile, so proper containment is always priority number one when handling it.

So, do you need a gas can spout? Well, yes and no.

Some gas can spouts can be inverted into the gas can and screwed into the fill port. However, other spouts cannot be inverted, and if you plan on storing your gasoline with the spout permanently attached to your gas can, you will need a spout cap to ensure your safety.

Keep reading to understand why it’s crucial to use a spout cap and where you can find them!

The Dangers of Poor Gasoline Storage

Gasoline from gas cans is responsible for deaths and injuries yearly due to the ignition of the gaseous vapors and aspiration into the lungs.

Injuries related to gasoline include:

  • Burns
  • Chemical pneumonia
  • Pulmonary damage
  • Possible death due to direct aspiration into the lungs

How To Store Your Gasoline

With all this risk, it’s vital that you monitor and seal the three openings on a proper gas can. The three openings are the vent, spout, and fill port. If you don’t properly seal these openings, the gaseous vapors from the gasoline will escape from the gas can and expel into the room holding the gas can.

Hopefully, you’ll have chosen to place your gas can in a well-ventilated space that is nowhere close to a residence, heat source, or open flame/spark, as flashback explosions have been reported with specific plastic gas cans.

Be Safe; Shop EZ-POUR®

At EZ-POUR®, we know just how important it is to handle fuel properly. That includes how our customers store it. Save yourself the danger and purchase our spouts, which come with a spout cap.

Have you already purchased an EZ-POUR® spout and need a spout cap? Visit our “parts” page to buy the spout cap that will be the best fit for you.

Store gasoline and fuel up safely with EZ-POUR® today!