New Gas Cans Are Horrible

new gas cans are horrible

New gas cans are horrible. They’re so hard to use. Sure, they were created with good intentions in mind, but they lack proper functionality. That’s why our experts compiled a list of the issues people run into and how you can bypass all of these!

The Issues With New Gas Cans

Following January 1, 2009, all gas cans sold in the US must conform to regulations that protect children and the environment. This meant adding a locking device to prevent fuel from pouring out unless a lever is pressed and changing the materials to reduce evaporation.

The regulations make sense on paper but are not practical. This new design comes with three issues.

  1. The gas cans are cumbersome. It’s as if three hands are needed to hold the release lever and support the heavy gas can.
  2. Gas cans may come with spring-loaded nozzles that need to rest on the gas tank at just the right angle for gas to flow.
  3. These gas cans don’t come with a vent, meaning, if poured too quickly, air trapped inside can make the gasoline splash out.

Bypass Issues With Gas Can Spouts and Vents That Work

Don’t wind up spilling more gas than you would with an old gas can. That would be such a waste, especially with the high gas prices nowadays! Since the 2009 regulations only apply to new fuel containers, it’s time to upgrade your old gas cans with spouts and vents that work!

#1. Shop for Old Gas Cans

The first step is to have an old gas can to upgrade. You won’t find these in retail stores. Go shopping at thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, antique malls, and websites like eBay.

Some come in plastic, and others come in metal. Plastic may be best, as metal rusts and corrodes over time due to the elements and explodes when exposed to extreme heat.

#2. Shop for Replacement Gas Can Spouts

The next step is to have a replacement gas can spout. Here are the factors to consider.

The Different Types of Spouts

EZ-POUR® fits nearly every gas or water can imaginable. Standard spouts are flexible and versatile so you can pour fluid easily. Use these spouts with lawnmowers, generators, string trimmers, and more!

RIGID® spouts feature a short and rigid design. You can use these with vehicles that have a capless fuel system and small, one-gallon containers used for weed eaters, chainsaws, and other pieces of handheld equipment.

The flexible nozzle designed for HI-FLO® spouts empties a five-gallon gas can in as little as 35 seconds! These fill up boats, ATVs, farming equipment, diesel trucks, and gas tanks with wider openings.

What makes it even better is that each spout kit comes with a spout, spout cap, push-in vent, flame arrestor, yellow base cap, and black base cap!

Spout Compatibility

Ensure the spout you buy fits your old gas can. That’s where EZ-POUR® adapters come in. We carry:

To find out which adapter you need, take a look at our application chart!

#3. Put on the Spout, Vent, and Adapter

The last step is to put them together! If you’re unsure of how to put on the vent, here’s a quick guide.

To replace an old vent, pry the old one out with a screwdriver and push the new one in.

To install a new vent, make sure the can is empty and dry inside before drilling a hole in the back of the can. Then, take your drill bit and expand the hole to a half-inch diameter and push the new vent in. Before filling up, shake out any debris created while drilling.

Experience the Difference EZ-POUR® Makes!

EZ-POUR® products will keep your gas cans functioning properly, so you no longer have to be frustrated with new government gas cans. Browse our online store or visit one of our retailers and buy your replacement spout and vent kit today!