What Time of Year Are Lawn Mowers the Cheapest?

Lawn Mowers the Cheapest

What’s the best time to buy lawn mowers? Lawn mowers are big-ticket items. For most people, it’s paramount that they find a good deal on a good mower that will stand the test of time. To do this, you must follow the simple seasonal sales cycle.

Typically, lawn mower sales increase from April to September because that’s when your grass grows the most. But, come October, these prices tank.

While buying in early spring will give to the cream of the crop of lawn mowers, waiting until the demand dies down will provide you with a chance to score a significant discount on an older mower as dealers attempt to clear their shelves for winter gear.

So, what months are the best for buying a lawn mower? Keep reading to find out!

February – March

At the beginning of each calendar year, dealers build their spring and summer inventory. However, with a chill still lingering in the air, most people aren’t considering purchasing equipment they’ll need when it’s 70 + degrees outside.

Dealers will also try to sell off older models that didn’t sell the previous year. So, not only will you have your choice of the year’s newest models, but you’ll most likely find a stellar deal on last year’s models, thanks to some pre-season sales.


Demand for lawn mowers begins to spike in April. However, it’s worth visiting your local dealers during the first half of the month. Early April marks the start of the season, meaning companies will put on specials to get people interested in their stock.

You may not save as much if you were to buy in other months, but early April is still an excellent time to buy.


It’s almost guaranteed that dealers will hold end-of-season sales to clear space for snowblowers and next year’s deals. While you may not find any brand-new models around this time, you might be able to get a significant discount on last season’s standout.

And while your grass may not grow much at this point in the year, there won’t be any snow on the ground yet, meaning you’ll be able to test out your mower. This is essential when purchasing a mower because a warranty only lasts so long.

If you buy a mower in December, you can’t take it on a test run to ensure it works properly. When spring and summer roll around, you may be stuck with a defective mower.

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