How to Safely Fill and Transport Gasoline Using a Gas Can

fill and transport gasoline using a gas can

Running out of gas is a normal occurrence. After all, gas is needed for cars, lawnmowers, weed eaters, and more! The only solution is to go to the gas station. Safely fill up and transport a gas can by following these steps!

#1. Choose Your Gas Gan

There are plenty of gas containers available on the market. Yet, these new government gas cans can be cumbersome. If you don’t plan on buying or using a new one, make sure your old gas can is in good condition, seals tightly to prevent leaks, and is outfitted with the latest gear, from EZ-POUR® spouts and vents to adapters.

#2 Place the Gas Can on the Ground

Once you have the proper container, it’s time to fill it up! The safest way to do so is by placing it on the ground so it’s electrically grounded.

If the gas can were placed on a carpeted floorboard or a truck bed with a plastic liner, and then gasoline flowed into the can, static electricity could form and spark the gas.

#3 Fill Up the Gas Can

Unscrew the cap of the gas can and place it on an even surface, so it doesn’t roll away. Then, insert the fuel pump nozzle and squeeze the trigger to dispense gasoline into the can.

EZ-POUR® has a range of solid base caps for both transportation and storage.

#4. Don’t Fill Up the Gas to the Brim

While you may be tempted to fill up the gas can all the way to the brim, this shouldn’t be done. Stop when it’s 90% to 95% full, or you’ll certainly spill gasoline.

Is the fuel pump nozzle blocking your view? Once the can is 50% full, slowly fill it up the rest of the way.

#5. Close the Gas Can Before Picking It Up

The next step is to put the cap back on, which seems simple enough, but this should happen when the gas can is still on the ground. Otherwise, a spill could occur as a result of the container shaking. Also, be sure to screw the lid on tightly to prevent spills during transportation.

#6. Place the Can Upright and Transport It

Now all that’s left it to transport it! Place your gas can upright in the trunk or truck bed of your vehicle. To prevent it from falling over, you can use a rope or bungee cord.

Since leaving it in the sun or heat is a fire risk, it’s important to minimize exposure to these elements as much as possible.

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